Health Card

We are delighted to introduce the Health Card by Sanaka Clinic, a revolutionary initiative that puts your health and your budget in perfect harmony. Designed to cater to your well-being and financial convenience, our Health Card is your key to accessing top-notch medical care and availing significant savings on prescription medications.

How to Get Your Exclusive Health Card :
  • Visit Our Clinic

  • Complete the Application

  • Photo ID

Key Features:

Medicine Discounts:With the Exclusive Health Card, you unlock a world of savings. Enjoy an impressive discount of up to 20% on a wide range of prescription medicines, ensuring that your health remains a top priority without straining your wallet.

Comprehensive Healthcare: Beyond the exceptional discounts on medicines, the Exclusive Health Card extends its benefits to various aspects of your healthcare journey. From consultation fees to diagnostic tests, you’ll find an array of services that are more accessible and affordable with our card.

Ease of Use: We understand the value of simplicity. Your Exclusive Health Card is hassle-free to use. Just present your card at our clinic’s pharmacy counter, and the discount will be seamlessly applied to your eligible prescription medicines.

Personalized Care: Our clinic has a team of dedicated healthcare professionals who are committed to providing you with the best possible medical attention. The Exclusive Health Card members enjoy personalized care plans and treatment recommendations tailored to their individual needs.

Regular Health Updates: Stay informed about your health journey. With the Exclusive Health Card, you’ll receive periodic updates, health tips, and reminders for important health screenings, vaccinations, and appointments.

Family Benefits: Extend the benefits of the Exclusive Health Card to your loved ones. Family members can also reap the rewards of reduced medicine costs and enhanced healthcare services.